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At All Elite Payments we take intense pride in being able to create a payment processing solution for nearly any business situation. Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar business, a 100% virtual ecommerce business, or some combination of the above we have a solution perfectly suited to your way of doing business.

Mobile Card Readers

Now more than ever consumers have embraced the concept of using their smartphones to pay for products and services. Not only do we provide your business the latest mobile payment systems, we provide you with exactly what you need to quickly process card payments. Whether the customer is paying via a NFC capable option such as Apple or Google Pay, through tap to pay or even swipe/chip you will be able to seamlessly capture payments and rapidly proceed to the next customer.

Swipe Simple B250

Pax A920

DejaVoo Z9

Wi-Fi Enabled Contactless Terminals

Dejavoo Z8

Dejavoo Z11

Dejavoo QD4

POYNT Smart Terminal

Point of Sale Payment Systems

Point of Sale systems are a must have for many businesses. Not only do they provide a secure method of payment, but they contain vital tools such as inventory management, sales tracking, employee management and customer management.



Retail Cloud

Virtual Terminals & Gateways for Ecommerce

If your business thrives on over-the-phone payments or mail orders, virtual terminals are a great tool to have. While similar to a POS system but only able to process card not present transactions. They allow merchants to quickly and securely process payments while using intelligent software. We can also integrate with dozens of 3rd party terminals.

Providing a multitude of features similar to above, Payment Gateways are an excellent choice for e-commerce payments. The difference between a virtual terminal and a payment gateway is that the merchant enters the card details into a virtual terminal and the customer enters the card details into a payment gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your rates?

Payment processing rates consist of the interchange rate and the markup. The interchange rate is the base rate that is charged by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) and is non-negotiable.

The markup that is added onto the interchange is based on several factors including current pricing, business type, processing history, risk determined by bank.

How do you compare to Square, Stripe, and Paypal?

Here’s how we compare:

  • Our rates are already lower than Square, Stripe and PayPal’s rates but we also have the ability to get you the lowest rates available.
  • Our underwriting process insures that the processor and the bank will know what you are selling and will have vetted your business-making your merchant account with All Elite Payments stable for the long-term. With Square, Stripe, and Paypal you will only have a sub-merchant account under one master account.
  • Because you are the actual account holder with All Elite Payments, you will enjoy priority status for customer service and technical questions.
How much money can you save my business?

That depends on how many payments your business processes each month. We’ve created a free cost saving analysis which can show you the cost savings All Elite Payments can provide.

How do I sign up with All Elite Payments?

Simply click on the “Get A Quote” button above and you’ll be taken to another page to fill out the short form. A member of my team will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a Zoom or phone call.

We’d like to learn more about your business to determine what equipment you will need. We’ll also help you fill out the merchant account application to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

What information will I need for the application?

The information you need to provide will vary based on your business. you may not need all of the following but

  • Personal info (address, phone #, email, driver’s license, social security #)

  • Copy of Business document with business name & tax ID (license, business filings, or recent tax return)

  • Address

  • Voided Check

  • Processing statements and/or bank statements (only 1-2 statements)

What happens if I have a problem with my equipment?

We are your first resource for equipment support during normal business hours. If a problem occurs outside of these hours each terminal and POS brand system has a dedicated support line and the processor provides an after hours help desk.

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