Quantic POS System

  • Job Allocation: Assign multiple roles to a single employee, as well as different hourly rates, so it’s easier for you to run payroll.
  • Overview of Revenue: Get insights on your revenue from different service areas like takeout, main dining, and delivery.
  • Get Business Insights: Quantic provides detailed reports to help you better understand your sales and essential business metrics.
  • Accessibility: Enhance your operating efficiency and modernize your business with the Quantic POS. It’s so intuitive and accessible that your employees can start using it right away.
  • Delight Your Guests: Treat each of your customers like VIPs. Save guest preferences and order details to provide both a memorable and repeatable experience.
  • Employees’ Performance: Keep track of each employee’s sales and daily productivity in one click. Finally, align paychecks to performance with reports that compare employee sales to overhead.